Scholarship Policy – Education

10 Oct, 2013

Early Childhood Scholarship and Education Grant Policy

1           The Policy
1.1         Objective:

There are approx. 5600 early childhood practitioners in 3000 basic schools and 404 registered Day Care Centres. Of this number only approximately 900 are college-trained.

The specific objective is to provide scholarships for candidates to pursue early childhood professional training leading to an Undergraduate or Associate Degree in Early Childhood; a Post Graduate Degree as well or specialised short courses.

1.2         Annual Allocation/Distribution of Scholarships

The CHASE Scholarship is awarded each year to applicants who have enrolled in full-time or part-time study at an accredited institution.

The allocation is capped at 20% of the sector’s annual receipts. The scholarships are awarded for the duration of the programme of study to a maximum of four years.

1.3  Coverage

Students can apply for either one of the following categories:

  1. Associate’s Degree
  2. Bachelor’s Degree
  3. Post Graduate Degree
  4. Specialized Short Courses or to attend conferences locally and abroad
1.4         When and How to Apply

Scholarships are advertised in April/May each year. Application forms are available at the Office of the Early Childhood Commission located at 8-10 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston and on the CHASE Fund’s website at

1.5         Application Requirements
  • Be a Jamaican Citizen
  • Applicants must demonstrate exceptional performance in key areas of academic achievement, contribution to community, school and workplace.
  • Complete an application form
  • Provide an official transcript
  • Must have achieved at least a B average (GPA of 3.0) in the previous academic year
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are employed to an Early Childhood Institution
  • Provide an acceptance letter from the Institution/College.
  • Provide a recommendation from the Education Officer/Development Officer and Parish School Board
1.6         Value of Scholarships

Scholarships will provide support for tuition only.  A maximum of 80% of tuition per annum will be covered.

1.7         Bonding

Recipients receiving scholarship awards in excess of $300,000 will be bonded according to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) policy.

1.8         Maintenance of Scholarship

Applicants are required to maintain a “B” average during the full term of the programme.

1.9      Scholarship Selection Committee:

The Scholarship Committee comprises of a representative from the CHASE Fund; the Early Childhood Commission (ECC); the Tertiary Unit (Ministry of Education) and the Teachers’ Colleges.