Sight Foundation Receives Vehicle from CHASE

08 Feb, 2019

The CHASE Fund has boosted the Lions Club of Kingston’s Sight Foundation with the purchase of a vehicle for its mobile sight screening service.  The vehicle will allow the team to conduct screening on the very needy and children in schools in inner city communities who would otherwise have no access.

Jim Luce (left), President and CEO of the James Dudley Luce Foundation and Robert Lawrence (right) First Vice-president of the Lions Club of Kingston chat with Hilary Coulton, Public Relations and Administrative Manager of the Fund after she presented the vehicle to the Lions Club.

The Fund’s objectives are in sync with those of the Lion’s Club Sight Foundation which has been conducting eye screenings for the needy and poor and children in inner city primary and infant schools since 1971, mainly in the Kingston Metropolitan Area.

Support for the screening programme falls under the Fund’s Health portfolio which has been financing projects that include the promotion of healthy lifestyles; building, upgrading, restoring and equipping health facilities; training for healthcare personnel; and developing and implementing programmes for cancer prevention, detection, treatment and care.