Public Dialysis Unit at Mandeville Regional Hospital

10 Sep, 2013

A contribution by CHASE also facilitated the establishment of the Public Dialysis Unit at the Mandeville Regional Hospital three years ago. Prior to this, some 83.6% of the patients who attended the institution’s renal clinic died without receiving dialysis. Chronic renal failure is an increasingly significant national health issue, as approximately 10% of the growing number of diabetics ends up with this condition. The lack of available space on public dialysis machines, and the high cost of private treatment prevent many persons from accessing the necessary care.

Against this background, CHASE awarded J$9 million in 2009, to help meet the cost of the civil and mechanical installations for the renovated 775 sq.ft. building, which accommodates a waiting area, medical station, restrooms, a treatment room and a combined clean up and water processing room. A subsequent allocation in 2011 brought to J$24 million the Fund’s total contribution to this project; and was used to procure supplies and other vital items such as a wheelchair scale, defibrillator, dialysers and blood lines. Mr. Paul East, Senior Project Manager for the Southern Regional Health Authority, which provided oversight for the development, welcomed the “gift” from the CHASE Fund.

“The Dialysis Unit is helping to extend the lifespan of citizens who are at the height of their productive life. It has also eliminated the inconvenience and cost of travelling long distances from their home, office, school and family to access treatment.”  Paul East, Senior Project Manager, Southern Regional Health Authority   

The Unit, which accommodates 32 patients, inclusive of facilities for emergencies, was officially handed over in January 2011. It serves the parishes of Manchester, St. Elizabeth, Clarendon and St. Ann. A second phase of development is proposed, to cater to an additional 10 to 15 patients.