Early Childhood Curriculum Support

10 Sep, 2013

Dudley Grant Memorial Trust: Driving Curriculum Development

Revision of the Early Childhood curriculum is a critical element in the transformation of the sector and the assistance provided by the CHASE Fund for the project, which was undertaken over several years, reaffirms its commitment to development at this level of the education system.

The Jamaica Early Childhood Curriculum for Children Birth to Five Years, which was developed by the Dudley Grant Memorial Trust – a non-governmental organisation – in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Early Childhood Commission, was rolled out between 2008 and 2010. It embodies modern concepts and techniques in child development and presents a comprehensive approach to the learning needs of young children.

Mrs. Masie Wint, Administrative Manager at the Dudley Grant Memorial Trust, says the new curriculum is flexible and is designed to be used as a guide.

The establishment of learning corners in the classroom environment; the use of the outdoor environment for integrated learning and activities that facilitate the acquisition of critical readiness skills are among the highlights of the new curriculum.  It also addresses areas of concern to the society, such as conflict resolution; and it includes guidelines for parental involvement, as well as poems, songs and jingles for children.