Competency Based Training

10 Sep, 2013

Raising Professional Standards among Practitioners

Early Childhood practitioners have moved up the professional ladder, thanks to training being provided by the HEART Trust/NTA, under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the CHASE Fund. The highly-subsidised course, financed by CHASE in the sum of J$105 million since it was introduced in 2004, is supporting the Government’s thrust to restructure and raise standards in the child care and Early Childhood education system.

“There is now a corps of trained and certified professionals  who understand that they are not just caregivers, but that they have an important role in the stimulation and development of the children in their care.”    – Elizabeth Terry, Director, Special Projects and Community Training Interventions, HEART Trust/NTA

This improved level of professionalism is helping to change the image of Early Childhood institutions and the quality of care and instruction provided.

Some 5,500 persons employed in basic schools and day care facilities have completed the nine-month competency-based course which provides instruction in the areas of child care, education and development; and many of these persons have received Level 2 certification. All programmes for Early Childhood practitioners are provided on a part-time basis to facilitate work and study schedules.

The programme is offered at HEART Trust institutions across the island, as well as several off-site locations.