National Cancer Treatment Centre

The CHASE Fund collaborated with the National Health Fund and the Tourism Enhancement Fund to establish a National Cancer Treatment Centre at the Cornwall Regional Hospital. The Centre, which was officially opened on November 24, 2017, houses the linear accelerator machine (pictured), which delivers high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells.

Mico University and the CHASE Fund Break Ground for Construction of a new Entrance

The Mico University College, the oldest teacher training institution in the Western Hemisphere will have a new entrance by April this year. Ground was broken last week for the construction of the new entrance to the institution funded by the CHASE Fund. ┬áThe Mico University College is a heritage site with the main iconic Buxton […]

The Balaclava Health Centre

The Balaclava Health Centre, renovated with a $14.3 million grant from CHASE was officially re-opened in Balaclava, St. Elizabeth on December 7, 2017.